edward shiro

Drawing was my first hobby. My mother used to be an art tutor when i was very young. So i grew up observing her and learning how to draw and stuff. Soon i became good at it and drew whenever i had free time.

This hobby actually helped me make school less boring. I would draw literally anytime and anywhere. My daily life in primary and early secondary school revolves around me doing absolutely nothing else in class but draw. Every page of my textbooks had drawings on it that it became almost unusable. I would draw on homework, my friend's worksheets, the table, and even on the exam paper during examinations. Drawing has also helped to improve my handwriting A LOT. My hand writing back then was absolute trash. Drawing also helped to improve my hand in general. For my mathematics exam, i drew a curved graph without the help of a curved ruler. << That's something to be very very proud of.

I have many drawings but back then i didn't feel the need to keep it. These two are the most i could salvage.



So after i return home from a full day of drawing in class, i play games. I played my first online game back when i was 6 years old; it was RuneScape. Before that i only played casual arcade games or single player games so when i tried a MMORPG for the first time, it was like everything changed. Some of the mmorpgs i have played are Aika online, Cabal, MapleStory, Adventure Quest Worlds, Grand Fantasia, Dragon's Nest, Runes of Magic, TERA, World of Warcraft. But it was competitive games which i really liked.

dota s4